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 A very warm Welcome from River Songs Tours and Travels Srinagar Kashmir (India). We specialize in Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage and off the beaten path Tours of Kashmir valley and Ladakh. Our Benchmark is the walking heritage and cultural tour of the old town locally known as Shaher-e- khaas, Srinagar, which is historic cultural landscape of Kashmir and photographers delight. During this classic walking tour we take you in the Labyrinths, back streets, alleyways and most hidden corners of the heritage cultural old town of Srinagar which was Founded by Ashoka the Great in 200 BC on the Either banks of the Great Himalayan River Jehlum.

Srinagar old town is Sprawling and is spread over the area of 144 square kilometres, with the population of around 1.5 million. We like the walk to be introduction & orientation to both the historical and popular culture of Kashmir.  We also feature the architecture and plan of the old town around the river Jhelum which becomes the reference point to narrate about past Saints Empires Philosophical / Spiritual traditions and geopolitics. The bazaars, crafts and the artisans are the source of the stories about the development of Kashmir's rich age, old multi cultural aesthetic. Featuring the way the raw materials would connect neighboring regions and how influences from Central Asia, Persia, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Indian Subcontinent and Europe shaped the nature and form of it's various craft traditions. We also get great joy in Showcasing the Exquisite timeless Natural /Cultural beauty and Charm of the world famous Mughal Gardens, Dal lake, Gulmarg, as well as all of Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and Northern parts of India. 

We also help in most friendly way in organising custom tours respecting one's budget, preferences and requirements.

We serve  FIT's, Groups, Individuals & Families

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  • Kashmir Comprehensive Tour Packages 
  • Ladakh Tour packages  
  • Literature & Academic Interactions
  • Craft / Artisans Tours
  • Arts & Handicrafts Tours
  • Photography Tours   
  • Kashmiri traditional Sufi folk music
  • Kashmiri traditional cultural cuisine (Wazwan)
  • Gondola of Kashmir
  • Hotel, House Boat Bookings 
  • Transportation
  • Sightseeing Tours of Archaeological Sites / Ruins & Museums
  • Spiritual Pilgrimages,
  • Winter sports such as Alpine powder Snowboarding and Skiing
  • Water sports such as boat cruises, surf riding, water skiing & white water rafting
  • Alpine Trekking & Camping
  • Home stays in Kashmir valley and Ladakh Himalayas
  • Spoon & fly Angling in snow fed rapids
  • Paragliding & Zorbing
  • Golfing
  • Horse & Pony Riding
Come join us where the land has been blessed and bestowed with timeless Natural & Cultural beauty charismatic charm,and very special Aura,Sufism,Buddhism and Saivism being the Metaphor of our Plural Composite age old culture and Rich traditions! which is locally knows as our Beloved"Kashmiryat"an Indigenous Multiculturalism a fusion and celebration of all the faiths,the Pluralistic Ethos of Real kashmiri Ancient and Contemporary Culture! 


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We have been conducting tours of Srinagar and entire Kashmir valley and Ladakh for most of our lives, as the trade was begun by our Beloved grand father many years ago, and he taught us the importance of caring well for our Esteemed Visitors to our beautiful Kashmir valley.

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Me Abdul MS Zandari and my Team is capable of arranging anything from Shoe String to Sheraton lovingly for our valued guests /Clients in all the fields and segments of Tourism in Kashmir valley Ladakh and northern India, as we are most passionate to share our experiences and very best of real Kashmir culture Ethos and Scenic Mosaics with our valued guests /visitors to Kashmir valley! our Endeavor always has been to be on


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